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A chain of quality parameters

- ensures food safety for customers and consumers

In order to produce our first-class fish sauce, a whole chain of quality parameters must be met:

The quality of the raw material

Only quality sprat are used, caught in the winter, as the low temperatures contribute to preserving durability of the raw material until production.

Fermentation for a minimum of 18 months

The fermentation takes place by a natural enzymatic process without the addition of artificial enzymes, and is in that way highlighting all the nuanced flavour notes in the finished product.


Only fish and salt are used

No MSG, flavouring or dyes are used in our fish sauce, so the flavour and aroma are exclusively from the good quality raw material.

Food safety

Food safety is very important for customers and consumers.

This is ensured by our quality team, who have many years of experience in the industry.

Sensory checks and chemical analyzes are carried out continuously, and our Food Safety Management System naturally meets the European standard.